This Section of the Website is devoted to my characters and guilds on Everquest and contains links to reference sites that I use! Enjoy!



Everquest is an online multi RPG. There are now servers in many countries, although they are mostly in america. Once you have created your toon, escape from real life and submerse your self in the World of Norrath, where you will interact with many fantasy characters both player characters and non playing characters. Build your character and make him strong. Develop tradeskills to earn money for items and fight against mobs to gain experience and wealth. Be warned, this game is very addictive.

Follow the links below:-

This link will lead you to screenshots of my characters and links to external websites which have information about them


This link will take you to a page with links to my guild websites and information I may post about my guilds


This is a page containing all the reference sites I use for enhancing the Everquest experience.