This Page is dedicated to Harry.  Harry is my God Son and he's ace!

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Harry.JPG (18717 bytes)

Harry at 6 Months.

Just_Harry_at_HC.JPG (140325 bytes)

Harry, nearly 1.

Harry_1_at_High_Cliff.JPG (138961 bytes)

Harry at Highcliff

Bindy__Harry_HC.JPG (162444 bytes)

Harry and his Mum at Highcliff.

Alison__Harry.jpg (99875 bytes)

Harry and his aunty alison.

Alison_1.jpg (89137 bytes)

Sorry alison!!!!!!

Alison_Harry__Claudia.jpg (121611 bytes)

Harry, alison and Cousin Claudia.

Amelia.jpg (100573 bytes)

Harry's aunty amelia.

Bindy__Harry.jpg (109590 bytes)

Harry and his Mum.

Claudia_Trike.jpg (159565 bytes)

Harry's Cousin Claudia.

Clive__Paul.jpg (93214 bytes)

Grandad Lawrence and Harry's Dad.

Clive_and_Pauls_Mum.jpg (113551 bytes)

Grandad "Herb" and Granny Smith!

Harry - tube.jpg (172170 bytes) Harry tube 1.jpg (28848 bytes) Harry tube 2.jpg (319488 bytes) Harry__Paul.jpg (144037 bytes) Harry_1.jpg (32290 bytes) Harry_candles_1.jpg (115922 bytes)
Harry_SB.jpg (97269 bytes) Harry_SB1.jpg (104863 bytes) Julie.jpg (227596 bytes)

This is Julie.   She is one of Harry's God Mothers.

Paul.jpg (146933 bytes) Paul__Harry.jpg (121437 bytes) Paul_and_Harry.jpg (27418 bytes)
Rob.jpg (112917 bytes)

Harry's Uncle Rob.

Sheila_and_Pippa.jpg (90483 bytes)

Nanny Lawrence with Cousin Pippa.

Tigger.jpg (145422 bytes)

Harry's Cat, Tigger.

Wallace & Grommitt.jpg (90112 bytes)

Harry's Rabbits, Wallace and Grommit.

More to follow soon!